#0 Name: Anonymous
Welcome to /meta/ - a board for talking about the Bus Stop and anonymous message boards.
This board can fit a whopping number of 100 posts and they won't be removed from here on a daily basis. If you find such a violation of this site's rules unnerving, don't worry - this board is temporary and it won't stay here for too long.

Bus Stop was rewritten to be a generic imageboard software with support of having multiple boards, so basically this board is here to test the stability of this update.

If you're interested, we can talk about web development, the future of this site or general state of things in English speaking imageboard sphere. I can answer some questions if you have any, I'll make several announcements related to the recent update during the following weeks, maybe ask an advice or two and after that this board will be closed.
#38 Name: Anonymous  85d
What I don't get is, why is /lost-and-found/ not the main (default) board? Communicating through images is much more fun than by text.
#39 Name: Anonymous  85d
Should we go full 4channel and move /lost and found/ on a different domain?
#40 Name: Anonymous  85d
which is what they're doing anyway

Yeah but it happens with a chance to fork into a discussion. I feel like l&f will be deserted and the main board will be a textboard.
Plus the people who post music and Cute!! are mainly the ones that actually fill a Subject, so they're easily filtered.

#41 Name: Anonymous  85d
I like the idea of /lost-and-found/, but can we get a link to it on #0 like there's a link to /meta/? I think that would help it stay a bit livelier. IMO there's nothing wrong with multiple boards with different cultures.
#42 Name: Anonymous  84d
I suppose part of the problem is that it is essentially image dumping. Sharing cute images is nice, and there is interaction, but is there really a conversation?
#44 Name: Anonymous  84d

Attachment is hidden.

I want them to find what they have lost, even if they didn't know that they had it in the first place.
#45 Name: Anonymous  84d
If you'd like it to be a proper site feature I think it'd be better if you link to it. Otherwise, just disabling textless image upload and showing a message is better - as it is lost & found is just a "friendly" form of shadowban.
#46 Name: Anonymous  83d
I consider moving textless posts from Bus Stop a proper feature.
Also, I don't see how it's related to shadow baning, because when your posts are redirected to /lost-and-found/ it's very clear why it's happening and what should you do to avoid it. It's solely a user's choice to continue posting on a hidden board.
#56 Name: Anonymous  76d
The front page of the bus stop feels a bit lonely without image posts. I understand why you might do such a thing - to encourage discussion. But I feel like the textless imageposts weren't overcrowding things too much.

Suppose you're having a conversation with someone at a real bus stop, and there are some other people there who aren't talking. Even if they're not contributing to the discussion, they still contribute their presence and make the bus stop feel occupied, no?
#57 Name: Anonymous  75d
I agree with this - the front page feels a little empty now.
#78 Name: Anonymous  19d
Will lost-and-found ever be re-merged with the main board?
#79 Name: Anonymous  19d
I don't think so. I like this format and I think it suits the site well.