#0 Name: Anonymous
Welcome to /meta/ - a board for talking about the Bus Stop and anonymous message boards.
This board can fit a whopping number of 100 posts and they won't be removed from here on a daily basis. If you find such a violation of this site's rules unnerving, don't worry - this board is temporary and it won't stay here for too long.

Bus Stop was rewritten to be a generic imageboard software with support of having multiple boards, so basically this board is here to test the stability of this update.

If you're interested, we can talk about web development, the future of this site or general state of things in English speaking imageboard sphere. I can answer some questions if you have any, I'll make several announcements related to the recent update during the following weeks, maybe ask an advice or two and after that this board will be closed.
#9 Name: Anonymous  105d
I wanted to ask it for some time, but Bus Stop isn't well suited for having polls. Since we have this board for now, let's try it, I want to make a list of places that have a link to Bus Stop.
Don't tell me you all came from the Post Office.
#10 Name: Anonymous  105d
I came from there, i mean, this place was only posted on Sushi, PO and Arisu (or Lain, i don't remember).
#11 Name: Anonymous  105d
Guilty as charged, I came from the Post Office.
#12 Name: Anonymous  104d
I don't remember. I haven't heard of the Post Office.
#14 Name: Anonymous  104d
I think I first saw this place mentioned on Sushi, then again on PO a while later. I finally checked it out when someone name-dropped it again on /g/ a week later. Repetition works.
#15 Name: Anonymous  104d
Post Office!
#16 Name: Anonymous  104d
I'm from there also.
#17 Name: Anonymous  104d
I found it on post office as well, though I had to find the post office site to be sure.
#22 Name: Anonymous  97d
I found it on danger/u/ - https://dangeru.us/u/thread/384316