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Welcome to /meta/ - a board for talking about the Bus Stop and anonymous message boards.
This board can fit a whopping number of 100 posts and they won't be removed from here on a daily basis. If you find such a violation of this site's rules unnerving, don't worry - this board is temporary and it won't stay here for too long.

Bus Stop was rewritten to be a generic imageboard software with support of having multiple boards, so basically this board is here to test the stability of this update.

If you're interested, we can talk about web development, the future of this site or general state of things in English speaking imageboard sphere. I can answer some questions if you have any, I'll make several announcements related to the recent update during the following weeks, maybe ask an advice or two and after that this board will be closed.
#1 Name: Anonymous  114d
So, the Bus Stop's software had a really big update. The biggest change is that now it's not a standalone program, written with HTTP library of not the highest quality, but an FCGI application that can work with any popular server, so this site is running on NGINX now.
That means it will be much more stable from now on, without any weird problems with image loading or random locking of the server. So far it seems like it will be possible to run it 24/7, our previous server was set to reboot once a day because of memory issues.
There were also a lot of changes in the site logic code, so there should be some bugs hidden here and there but I think I didn't introduce any serious problems.
I'm really tired now and I'm going to sleep, so I'll leave it at that for now.
#8 Name: Anonymous  105d
this weekend
Well, it was too optimistic of me, I found some bugs to fix and still working on it.
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Well, it's probably the most eyebrow-raising change so far, so I want to make a little write up, explaining myself.
Bus Stop is in a pretty good shape lately, so the new users may have not seen the site during slow days, but quite often there are only posts with nothing but images or youtube videos on the site, without any communication going on. I think periods like this is a pretty poor state of things for a board that was built with primarily goal of having low key conversations. The best way to combat this is, of course, replying to people and making good friendly posts, so it's a bit hypocritical of me to complain about it, because I'm not a good conversation starter, but at the same time I think it's also important for me to think about it on a greater scale of things. I'm talking about an impression that this site gives and what kind of users it attracts. The thing is, I'm afraid that wordless state of the board can be detrimental for inviting new talkative users to stay, because it doesn't really feel like a place to have a chat when it looks like a booru board. There were a few times when I visited Bus Stop and thought that if I was a new visitor, who knows nothing about it, I would simply close it and never return back. Also, new people who actually likes posting nothing but media uploads can misunderstand things and think that this is the exactly right place for it.
I didn't want this dilemma to be a moderation problem, so I tried to approach it like a board's format problem, and I thought about it for a quite some time. At the time I ever considered to turn Bus Stop into the text board, but I decided against it (recently, I disabled file uploading during technical problems without any second thoughts partly because I was curious to see how it would be functioning like that). So far my solution for this is redirecting all posts that contain no text besides links to special >>>/lost-and-found/ board. It's actually not that big of a change and it shouldn't affect most of the posters much and I consider it mostly a preventive measure to address the issues I was talking about earlier. We also don't necessarily need to treat /lost and found/ only like a containment board so it can be useful for uploading a big batch of images if someone would ever need it.
I expect that some of you will say that this change is pointless and I'm overthinking things, but I hope that the majority will understand my reasoning and continue using this site.

#29 Name: Anonymous  86d
It's not a bad decision but the "moved to" text is kinda jarring. Maybe an alert when trying to post without text would be better?
#30 Name: Anonymous  86d
I appreciate the choice to make a separate board. I think it's a great medium since it allows people to still post image only posts and promote actual conversation.
#31 Name: Anonymous  85d
Thanks for the feedback!

"moved to" text is kinda jarring
When posts are moved here automatically right after posting there's no this message. After enabling this feature I moved older pic/video only posts there by myself and Bus Stop has notifications on moderation actions like that, although I also can move and remove posts silently. I'll consider it, but I think gaps in post numbers can be jarring as well for someone who has no idea what's going on.
Maybe an alert when trying to post without text would be better?
I thought about it, but that way I would have to completely remove posts trying to bypass the restriction and it would be a too harsh decision for me.
#34 Name: Anonymous  85d
I think the "moved" notification is distracting. If you could maybe instead somehow check if a post has no text when it's uploaded, then display that text on the screen as a notification to the person who uploaded it, that may work. No one else needs to know that a post was moved except the person uploading it, right?
#65 Name: Anonymous  30d
So, preparing Bus Stop for open sourcing is going really slow, mainly because there were still some things to fix, writing documentation is boring, I didn't touch a thing on holidays and there is also a giant hurdle - I just hate my JavaScript code and I don't want anyone to see it. My distant plans is picking TypeScript or some equivalent and completely rewriting the thing, but for now it was just stopping me from working on releasing the source, because without JS Bus Stop was unusable. After some thoughts I realized that I can address the last part and did some big rewriting to drop the JavasScript usage requirement, so lo and behold, Bus Stop has finally become a lunatic friendly site! For those who treat these noscript things seriously, I'm just being facetious - I actually like the result and working on JS free fallback version of the site was really fun. You can even try it in the browser with enabled JS by visiting the site through these links: bus-stop.tk/vip or bus-stop.tk/alt-vip
The main missing features are filtering of the subjects and opening picture uploads on the overlay, but otherwise it stays pretty close to the regular JS enhanced version. To leave some protection against the spam I also enabled captcha on scriptless version.