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#0 Name: Anonymous
Welcome to /meta/ - a board for talking about the Bus Stop and anonymous message boards.
This board can fit a whopping number of 100 posts and they won't be removed from here on daily basis. If you find such a violation of this site's rules unnerving, don't worry - this board is temporary and it won't stay here for too long.

Bus Stop was rewritten to be a generic imageboard software with support of having multiple boards, so basically this board is here to test the stability of this update.

If you're interested, we can talk about web development, the future of this site or general state of things in English speaking imageboard sphere. I can answer some questions if you have any, I'll make several announcements related to the recent update during the following weeks, maybe ask an advice or two and after that this board will be closed.
#1 Name: Anonymous  21d
So, the Bus Stop's software had a really big update. The biggest change is that now it's not a standalone program, written with HTTP library of not the highest quality, but an FCGI application that can work with any popular server, so this site is running on NGINX now.
That means it will be much more stable from now on, without any weird problems with image loading or random locking of the server. So far it seems like it will be possible to run it 24/7, our previous server was set to reboot once a day because of memory issues.
There were also a lot of changes in the site logic code, so there should be some bugs hidden here and there but I think I didn't introduce any serious problems.
I'm really tired now and I'm going to sleep, so I'll leave it at that for now.
#2 Name: Anonymous  21d
It says posts won't be removed on a daily basis, but there is still a countdown on >>1's post.

#3 Name: Anonymous  20d
That's not a countdown!
#4 Name: Anonymous  16d

Attachment is hidden.

It's time for some news this board was created for. I'm going to open source Bus Stop during this weekend, if I have enough time.
So far I think to upload all the server and front end js code on Github under permissive license, without everything related to look and feel of the site like css stylesheet or current settings.
Those files will only be available for download from here, together with instruction on how to fully replicate Bus Stop, so people who are interested in longevity of this site will be able to download, preserve and rehost the site in case of my death or something.
Basically it means that it will only be possible to get the code, setup the basic mock-up version and be creative with it for passerby on Github, but only people who browse Bus Stop will also be able to shamelessly steal it from me. I hope you won't (´∀`;)
#5 Name: Anonymous  15d
Please consider using a license that guarantees user freedom. In this case the AGPL seems to be the most appropriate.
#6 Name: Anonymous  14d
I don't know much about it, but I've already put a zlib license text in the sources. It's easy to understand and it lets to do pretty much anything with a codebase.
#8 Name: Anonymous  12d
this weekend
Well, it was too optimistic of me, I found some bugs to fix and still working on it.
#9 Name: Anonymous  12d
I wanted to ask it for some time, but Bus Stop isn't well suited for having polls. Since we have this board for now, let's try it, I want to make a list of places that have a link to Bus Stop.
Don't tell me you all came from the Post Office.
#10 Name: Anonymous  12d
I came from there, i mean, this place was only posted on Sushi, PO and Arisu (or Lain, i don't remember).
#11 Name: Anonymous  11d
Guilty as charged, I came from the Post Office.
#12 Name: Anonymous  11d
I don't remember. I haven't heard of the Post Office.
#13 Name: Anonymous  11d
I came from there.
#14 Name: Anonymous  11d
I think I first saw this place mentioned on Sushi, then again on PO a while later. I finally checked it out when someone name-dropped it again on /g/ a week later. Repetition works.
#15 Name: Anonymous  11d
Post Office!
#16 Name: Anonymous  11d
I'm from there also.
#17 Name: Anonymous  11d
I found it on post office as well, though I had to find the post office site to be sure.
#18 Name: Anonymous  6d
test, getting 502 gateway errors
#19 Name: Anonymous  6d
odd, this posted, then I went to the main board and it worked there too
#20 Name: Anonymous  4d
Why can't I post images?
#21 Name: Anonymous  4d
I made some mistakes and file uploading crashes the server, so I decided to disable it temporarily. I'm out of town now and I can't fix it over ssh, so it will only be fixed on the weekend. Sorry for that.
#22 Name: Anonymous  4d
I found it on danger/u/ -
#23 Name: Anonymous  7h
I found it on 4taba: