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#0 Name: Anonymous
Welcome to /meta/ - a board for talking about the Bus Stop and anonymous message boards.
This board can fit a whopping number of 100 posts and they won't be removed from here on daily basis. If you find such a violation of this site's rules unnerving, don't worry - this board is temporary and it won't stay here for too long.

Bus Stop was rewritten to be a generic imageboard software with support of having multiple boards, so basically this board is here to test the stability of this update.

If you're interested, we can talk about web development, the future of this site or general state of things in English speaking imageboard sphere. I can answer some questions if you have any, I'll make several announcements related to the recent update during the following weeks, maybe ask an advice or two and after that this board will be closed.
#1 Name: Anonymous  83d
So, the Bus Stop's software had a really big update. The biggest change is that now it's not a standalone program, written with HTTP library of not the highest quality, but an FCGI application that can work with any popular server, so this site is running on NGINX now.
That means it will be much more stable from now on, without any weird problems with image loading or random locking of the server. So far it seems like it will be possible to run it 24/7, our previous server was set to reboot once a day because of memory issues.
There were also a lot of changes in the site logic code, so there should be some bugs hidden here and there but I think I didn't introduce any serious problems.
I'm really tired now and I'm going to sleep, so I'll leave it at that for now.
#2 Name: Anonymous  82d
It says posts won't be removed on a daily basis, but there is still a countdown on >>1's post.

#3 Name: Anonymous  82d
That's not a countdown!
#4 Name: Anonymous  78d

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It's time for some news this board was created for. I'm going to open source Bus Stop during this weekend, if I have enough time.
So far I think to upload all the server and front end js code on Github under permissive license, without everything related to look and feel of the site like css stylesheet or current settings.
Those files will only be available for download from here, together with instruction on how to fully replicate Bus Stop, so people who are interested in longevity of this site will be able to download, preserve and rehost the site in case of my death or something.
Basically it means that it will only be possible to get the code, setup the basic mock-up version and be creative with it for passerby on Github, but only people who browse Bus Stop will also be able to shamelessly steal it from me. I hope you won't (´∀`;)
#5 Name: Anonymous  76d
Please consider using a license that guarantees user freedom. In this case the AGPL seems to be the most appropriate.
#6 Name: Anonymous  76d
I don't know much about it, but I've already put a zlib license text in the sources. It's easy to understand and it lets to do pretty much anything with a codebase.
#8 Name: Anonymous  74d
this weekend
Well, it was too optimistic of me, I found some bugs to fix and still working on it.
#9 Name: Anonymous  74d
I wanted to ask it for some time, but Bus Stop isn't well suited for having polls. Since we have this board for now, let's try it, I want to make a list of places that have a link to Bus Stop.
Don't tell me you all came from the Post Office.
#10 Name: Anonymous  73d
I came from there, i mean, this place was only posted on Sushi, PO and Arisu (or Lain, i don't remember).
#11 Name: Anonymous  73d
Guilty as charged, I came from the Post Office.
#12 Name: Anonymous  73d
I don't remember. I haven't heard of the Post Office.
#13 Name: Anonymous  73d
I came from there.
#14 Name: Anonymous  73d
I think I first saw this place mentioned on Sushi, then again on PO a while later. I finally checked it out when someone name-dropped it again on /g/ a week later. Repetition works.
#15 Name: Anonymous  73d
Post Office!
#16 Name: Anonymous  73d
I'm from there also.
#17 Name: Anonymous  72d
I found it on post office as well, though I had to find the post office site to be sure.
#18 Name: Anonymous  68d
test, getting 502 gateway errors
#19 Name: Anonymous  68d
odd, this posted, then I went to the main board and it worked there too
#20 Name: Anonymous  66d
Why can't I post images?
#21 Name: Anonymous  66d
I made some mistakes and file uploading crashes the server, so I decided to disable it temporarily. I'm out of town now and I can't fix it over ssh, so it will only be fixed on the weekend. Sorry for that.
#22 Name: Anonymous  65d
I found it on danger/u/ -
#23 Name: Anonymous  62d
I found it on 4taba:
#24 Name: Anonymous  61d
#25 Name: Anonymous  55d

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Well, it's probably the most eyebrow-raising change so far, so I want to make a little write up, explaining myself.
Bus Stop is in a pretty good shape lately, so the new users may have not seen the site during slow days, but quite often there are only posts with nothing but images or youtube videos on the site, without any communication going on. I think periods like this is a pretty poor state of things for a board that was built with primarily goal of having low key conversations. The best way to combat this is, of course, replying to people and making good friendly posts, so it's a bit hypocritical of me to complain about it, because I'm not a good conversation starter, but at the same time I think it's also important for me to think about it on a greater scale of things. I'm talking about an impression that this site gives and what kind of users it attracts. The thing is, I'm afraid that wordless state of the board can be detrimental for inviting new talkative users to stay, because it doesn't really feel like a place to have a chat when it looks like a booru board. There were a few times when I visited Bus Stop and thought that if I was a new visitor, who knows nothing about it, I would simply close it and never return back. Also, new people who actually likes posting nothing but media uploads can misunderstand things and think that this is the exactly right place for it.
I didn't want this dilemma to be a moderation problem, so I tried to approach it like a board's format problem, and I thought about it for a quite some time. At the time I ever considered to turn Bus Stop into the text board, but I decided against it (recently, I disabled file uploading during technical problems without any second thoughts partly because I was curious to see how it would be functioning like that). So far my solution for this is redirecting all posts that contain no text besides links to special >>>/lost-and-found/ board. It's actually not that big of a change and it shouldn't affect most of the posters much and I consider it mostly a preventive measure to address the issues I was talking about earlier. We also don't necessarily need to treat /lost and found/ only like a containment board so it can be useful for uploading a big batch of images if someone would ever need it.
I expect that some of you will say that this change is pointless and I'm overthinking things, but I hope that the majority will understand my reasoning and continue using this site.

#26 Name: Anonymous  55d

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It makes me sad finding old message boards and looking through posts that are over 6 years old. Thoughts like; 'where did all these people go and what are they doing now?', come to mind.
#27 Name: Anonymous  55d
Even posts on >>>/test/ get banished into the shadow realm, is this what you wanted?
#28 Name: Anonymous  55d
I guess not. I just didn't think about it and all boards by default inherit settings from the main board.
#29 Name: Anonymous  54d
It's not a bad decision but the "moved to" text is kinda jarring. Maybe an alert when trying to post without text would be better?
#30 Name: Anonymous  54d
I appreciate the choice to make a separate board. I think it's a great medium since it allows people to still post image only posts and promote actual conversation.
#31 Name: Anonymous  54d
Thanks for the feedback!

"moved to" text is kinda jarring
When posts are moved here automatically right after posting there's no this message. After enabling this feature I moved older pic/video only posts there by myself and Bus Stop has notifications on moderation actions like that, although I also can move and remove posts silently. I'll consider it, but I think gaps in post numbers can be jarring as well for someone who has no idea what's going on.
Maybe an alert when trying to post without text would be better?
I thought about it, but that way I would have to completely remove posts trying to bypass the restriction and it would be a too harsh decision for me.
#32 Name: Anonymous  54d
The /lost-and-found/ board says I can post links only, but links to posts (e.g., >>31) are not allowed?
#33 Name: Anonymous  54d
It parses the text for urls, and if there's something besides them the check fails. I'll make it more clear or fix it later.
#34 Name: Anonymous  54d
I think the "moved" notification is distracting. If you could maybe instead somehow check if a post has no text when it's uploaded, then display that text on the screen as a notification to the person who uploaded it, that may work. No one else needs to know that a post was moved except the person uploading it, right?
#35 Name: Anonymous  54d
It already works like that, you can try to post something and see for yourself. Notifications only appear when posts moved or removed by the admin, like I already mentioned. I think it's useful because otherwise people could notice disappeared post thanks to the post counter and wonder the reason. I don't think you will see them often, anyway, so you shouldn't worry.
#36 Name: Anonymous  54d
I think the lost and found board is a really bad idea.
To me, the images without text and music videos are a natural form of expression and hidding them only makes people leave, rather than invinting more discussion.
Cute!! is one of the best parts of this site, even though i don't care much about the pictures themselves.
#37 Name: Anonymous  54d
Oh, I misunderstood. Seems like a good system then.

I like the idea, because it sorta separates them to a board that can communicate solely by images, which is what they're doing anyway, without taking images away from the main board.
#38 Name: Anonymous  54d
What I don't get is, why is /lost-and-found/ not the main (default) board? Communicating through images is much more fun than by text.
#39 Name: Anonymous  54d
Should we go full 4channel and move /lost and found/ on a different domain?
#40 Name: Anonymous  54d
which is what they're doing anyway

Yeah but it happens with a chance to fork into a discussion. I feel like l&f will be deserted and the main board will be a textboard.
Plus the people who post music and Cute!! are mainly the ones that actually fill a Subject, so they're easily filtered.

#41 Name: Anonymous  53d
I like the idea of /lost-and-found/, but can we get a link to it on #0 like there's a link to /meta/? I think that would help it stay a bit livelier. IMO there's nothing wrong with multiple boards with different cultures.
#42 Name: Anonymous  53d
I suppose part of the problem is that it is essentially image dumping. Sharing cute images is nice, and there is interaction, but is there really a conversation?
#43 Name: Anonymous  53d
Why do you want more people to lose their things, Anonymous?

Also, I deliberately left out the link. I think there's a bit of misunderstanding, but /lost-and-found/ is only here to change the format of Bus Stop's posting, not to support some other ways. It would make sense to promote it if I disabled the file uploading on the main board, but as it stands /lost-and-found/'s main function is suggesting people to reformat their posts, basically it's like a "show, don't tell" rule.
If someone wants to use it as actual or even the main board, that's their choice, but I think it's better not to confuse new visitors with it.
#44 Name: Anonymous  53d

Attachment is hidden.

I want them to find what they have lost, even if they didn't know that they had it in the first place.
#45 Name: Anonymous  52d
If you'd like it to be a proper site feature I think it'd be better if you link to it. Otherwise, just disabling textless image upload and showing a message is better - as it is lost & found is just a "friendly" form of shadowban.
#46 Name: Anonymous  52d
I consider moving textless posts from Bus Stop a proper feature.
Also, I don't see how it's related to shadow baning, because when your posts are redirected to /lost-and-found/ it's very clear why it's happening and what should you do to avoid it. It's solely a user's choice to continue posting on a hidden board.
#47 Name: Anonymous  47d
Removed by admin
Reason: security
#48 Name: Anonymous  47d
Thank you! It's actually my first big webdev project, so I can miss something obvious. At least SQL injections shouldn't work. I don't have time to fix it today, so I'll remove your post to not giving anyone ideas on how to render this site unworkable meanwhile.
#49 Name: Anonymous  47d
There's already a post with what seems to be an empty subject that can give people ideas. It certainly gave me. You might want to clean >>>/test/ up...
#50 Name: Anonymous  47d
Yeah I stopped the server and cleaned it up a bit, thanks. I hope we can last until I fix it, without putting it down again.
#51 Name: Anonymous  47d
Maybe posting it publicly like I did was not smart; sorry about that (;´∀`)
#52 Name: Anonymous  46d
Oh don't worry. I already fixed the problem, but I can't actually push the changes because of the small disaster - I lost several days of work from Bus Stop's codebase thanks to unsynced backup and I need to restore it first.
#53 Name: Anonymous  46d
#54 Name: Anonymous  46d
I use version control, but git directory was overwritten as well. My problem is that I don't have a remote repository and I thought I was pretty safe by syncing directory with important stuff across all my drives including external HDDs. For some reason unison left one of the copies unsycned and the same copy later get the latest date when I moved stuff on the new drive so my recent stuff got overwritten with it, and all other backups are older than that.
#55 Name: Anonymous  46d
several days of work
The good thing is that Bus Stop doesn't require much time already and when I fix something it's I usually only about an hour of work at max, so it took me around 2 hours to restore everything.

<script>alert("Now Bus Stop is protected from basic XSS attacks!")</script>

It's still embarrassing, I guess I need to read some sort of HTML for dummies book.

#56 Name: Anonymous  45d
The front page of the bus stop feels a bit lonely without image posts. I understand why you might do such a thing - to encourage discussion. But I feel like the textless imageposts weren't overcrowding things too much.

Suppose you're having a conversation with someone at a real bus stop, and there are some other people there who aren't talking. Even if they're not contributing to the discussion, they still contribute their presence and make the bus stop feel occupied, no?
#57 Name: Anonymous  44d
I agree with this - the front page feels a little empty now.
#58 Name: Anonymous  43d

Attachment is hidden.

It says invalid link again.
#59 Name: Anonymous  42d
The recent update broke it again, it should work fine now.
#60 Name: Anonymous  27d

Attachment is hidden.

Is this a joke that is going over my head? Or was there an error with a post getting deleted/changed?
#61 Name: Anonymous  27d

Attachment is hidden.

Are you talking about the hmm post? Check the subject list, I didn't get it immediately either.
#62 Name: Anonymous  27d
Oh, I see now. That's an odd thing to do. Wasn't even aware subjects were a thing.
#63 Name: Anonymous  9d
It says there are 5 posts in the Cute!! topic on >>>/lost-and-found/, but only three can be seen.
#64 Name: Anonymous  3d
I fixed the problem that caused it, but then it was too lazy and I decided to ignore the counter for the time being. And I just realized that I only needed to reset the server to fix it, so it shows the right number now.