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#0 Name: Anonymous
Good day, and welcome to Bus Stop - a small talk message board. Each post remains on the site for only a day, after which, it disappears. Registration is not required, and small media files can be uploaded along with each post.

If you find this place empty, it doesn't necessarily mean that it's completely abandoned. Feel free to make a post to start a discussion, perhaps someone will see it and reply!

Bus Stop is intended to be a stress free environment for talking with strangers. Try to keep a relaxed demeanor when posting, please don't say or upload anything that might ruin the other person's day.
I hope we meet again.

#2554 Name: Anonymous  2h

Attachment is hidden.

I have plenty of things to say, it's just most of it is uninteresting and the rest is unwelcome.
#2555 Name: Anonymous  4h

Attachment is hidden.

I have an old Trello board for lists of games that I've played through and the ones I want to try next. It's a bit sad looking at it now as I don't play actively anymore and it will probably take me a decade to complete these lists, but at least my taste hasn't changed much and I still want to play most of these.

it's just most of it is uninteresting
One man's trash...
#2556 Name: Anonymous  7h
I've tried to do this with many things, but I dislike and don't enjoy so many items that my 'dropped' list is always the largest of them all and I get discouraged. Whether it's games or books or anime, once it comes to recording my consumption, I just find myself getting discouraged.
#2557 Name: Anonymous  7h
Not gonna comment on all games (even though I would like to), but I'm playing Dragon's Crown on PS3 at the moment.
I'm using the Amazon on hard and I'm having a good time.

#2558 Name: Anonymous  10h
Anita Mui 梅艷芳
Sandy Lam 林憶蓮
Vivian Chow 周慧敏
Prudence Liew 劉美君
#2559 Name: Anonymous  1d
You got me covered, exactly what I wanted, thanks again!