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#0 Name: Anonymous
Good day, and welcome to Bus Stop - a small talk message board. Each post remains on the site for only a day, after which, it disappears. Registration is not required, and small media files can be uploaded along with each post.

If you find this place empty, it doesn't necessarily mean that it's completely abandoned. Feel free to make a post to start a discussion, perhaps someone will see it and reply!

Bus Stop is intended to be a stress free environment for talking with strangers. Try to keep a relaxed demeanor when posting, please don't say or upload anything that might ruin the other person's day.
I hope we meet again.

#2367 Name: Anonymous  2h
I got into privacy a few years ago, but over time I slipped out of all the "best practices" because they were just nuisances to others. I tried using the private messaging protocols like tox and signal, but I found almost no one used or wanted to use them. I encrypted my own mail on my server, but there was never any use for my PGP key in the actual messages because it's strictly for enthusiasts. I hosted my own email server, but it started dropping messages and I was kinda tired of needing to repeat my address to people because they were shocked out of their stupor because it wasn't simply and needed to actually start listening to get it right.

I did set up a home server, though, and I still use it daily. I have a few HDDs for local cloud storage (though anything important also gets uploaded to dropbox) between all devices, and I have Plex and Calibre running. so I can access my books and videos anywhere.
#2368 Name: Anonymous  5h

Attachment is hidden.

To be honest, your data is probably more protected.

I think your description of the real state of things is spot on, although to me it's more like a hobby rather than ideology and I'm more interested in trying small scale alternatives and supporting decentralization rather than encrypting everything.
Thanks, I didn't know about its server. I don't like video streaming so I'm interested in some other things besides web hosting and dropbox replacement you can use a private server for and building a personal library that is always available online sounds interesting.
#2369 Name: Anonymous  9h
anybody here make games? i want to see what other people here have made.
#2370 Name: Anonymous  15h

Attachment is hidden.

I had some spare leave days, so today will be my last workday of the year!
#2371 Name: Anonymous  21h
My job pays me for unused leave time, so I'm happy withthat.
#2372 Name: Anonymous  1d

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Greetings from kotchan, we're kots there.
#2373 Name: Anonymous  1d

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I want to make a puyo puyo clone.

That's a lot, I only have 2 days left, and I'm going to try using them to skip the office party in case we have one this year.